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Monoblack, originating in 2018 and hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, is an innovative DIY musician, producer, and designer. Thriving on a minimal electronic music stage setup, he utilizes only the bare necessities to deliver a solid, uncompromised live show. His commitment to simplicity in performance is mirrored in his dark and experimental IDM electronic music, featuring subtle foley sounds, distorted basses, rhythmic drums, and minimal yet memorable melodies.What sets Monoblack apart is his hands-on approach to every facet of his artistic journey. He is not only the creator of his music but also the driving force behind his visuals, merchandise, video content and live performances. A true DIY musician, producer, and designer, Monoblack's dedication to crafting an immersive experience extends from the studio to the stage and beyond.

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"An Innovative Multi-Talent in Music, Production, and Design"
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Thriving on having the most minimal, fool-proof live set up possible, only an Ableton Push 3 Standalone unit is used as the main controller with stereo TRS outputs. Only an open stereo TRS mixer channel for FOH to mix is needed. In-ear monitoring is done internally, and light tubes are battery operated and offer a static lighting aesthetic and backlight for the Monoblack live performance. Approximately a 6' x 6' space is needed for the full stage set up with lights, and only approximately 4' x 4' without.

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